Shared Antenatal Care

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Pregnancy services in Claremont

Are you needing assistance with your pregnancy journey?

Our doctors are trained in shared antenatal care which allows you to visit your routine check-ups and consultations. Throughout your pregnancy our GPs can provide:

  • Routine Prenatal Checkups: Your GP will monitor the progress of your pregnancy, checking you’re health and addressing any questions and concerns you may have. These appointments provide an opportunity for ongoing support and guidance from your GP.
  • Referrals and Coordination of Care: Your GP may refer to yo the hospital or an obstetrician for specialized tests, ultrasound scans or consultations. Our GP can help ensure all relevant medical information is shared between the healthcare professionals involved throughout your pregnancy.
  • Management of Pregnancy-related Conditions: Our GPs can identify and manage conditions such as gestational diabetes, hypertension, UTIs and mental health concerns. They’ll monitor your health closely, prescribe medication if needed and refer specialists if additional expertise is required.
  • Postpartum Care and Follow-up: After you’ve given birth, your GP can continue to provide care to support you during the postpartum period.

Our Team

Dr Clare Matthews
Dr Clare Matthews
Dr Matthews graduated in medicine from Sheffield University in England and attained her General Practice Fellowship from...
Dr Clare Matthews